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Russian-Tuvinian Karma Knot

Performed by: Vladiswar Nadishana / Youl' / Ayas Kholazhyk
Label: Sound Microsurgery Department
Genre: tuvinian throat singing, world fusion, ethnic jazz
Disc: cd
Release date: September 19 2003
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This album was made following the main concept of the Sound Microsurgery Department: an experimental synthesis of different world traditions . Traditional tuvinian music is performed here in a completely new context. We join tuvinian throat singing on an african and indian rhythmic basis and apply the contemporary jazz harmony system in the arrangements.
Ayas Kholazhyk
- throat singing
Youl' - trumpet, flugelhorn, piccolo-trumpet, violin, ghost catcher, vladimirsky
rozhok, kalyuka, keyboards
Vladiswar Nadishana - ethnic percussion, mandola, dzuddahord, sitar, acoustic
and electric guitars, fretless bass, homuses, bansuri, kena, zhaleyka,
sampler surgery.


One of the most pleasant discoveries of 2006

author: World Music Central

One of the most pleasant discoveries of 2006, thanks to social networking site Myspace, is Berlin-based Russian multi-instrumentalist Vladiswar Nadishana. He has released several self-produced CDs on his own label. On Russian - Tuvinian Karma Knot Vladiswar Nadishana collaborates with Tuvan throat singer Ayas Kholazhyk and multi-instrumentalist Youl'. The result is clearly spectacular. The trio manages to put together some of the finest throat singing combined with global sounds. While some throat singing recordings out there are too folksy or gimmicky, this trio of skilled musicians has recorded an excellent album. Ayas Kholazhyk is one of the finest throat singers I've heard and his vocal skills are outstanding. He can easily switch from the guttural sounds normally associated with throat singing to beautiful high pitched sounds. All this backed by a vast array of acoustic instruments and samplers that achieve an organic sound..

Fascinating piece of world music
author:Thomas Engert

Sibirian musician Vladiswar Nadishana released 2005 with his "Russian-Tuvinian Karma Knot" a fascinating piece of world music. On this album also appear Ayas Kholazhyk whose strong throat singing creates an almost hypnotic and meditative mood. Also on the CD appears Youl' with trumpet, horns and other percussion instruments. Vladiswar himself marks himself as a virtuose on many instruments. Fans of Yat-Kha and similar acts will be pleased. A very exciting album.

Excellent album!

author: Jim McGrath

What a treat! Excellent album! Top notch production and stellar musicianship. I Love the percussion. This release is a must have for anyone who loves the Tuvan thang.

Another CD with a certain underlying musical spirituality.

author: Gerald Van Waes

Russian/Tuvinian Karma Knot is a trio with Tuvan throat singer Ayas Kholazhyk, wind player and keyboard player Youl', and Vladiswar Nadishana who plays all other instruments. The songs sound mostly like self-penned personal songs (from a singer-songwriter tradition, but expressed like and by a throat singer) into a acoustic fusion arrangement. The fundament that was built up in Vladiswar's solo earlier work now is very useful as a tool for arranging. "Terlih Haya" I found the most interesting and compelling fusion with jazz, and with sitar (used as a guitar) mixed with acoustic guitar and percussion. "Undersnow girl" is completely different : a funny track with fitting mainstream popdance rhythms, and a jazz trumpet, sounding like an old village folk traditional. "Vostok Dwa", after that, the concluding CD track, continues with this jazz trumpet, in a beautiful instrumental improvisation. Another CD with a certain underlying musical spirituality.

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Russian-Tuvinian Karma Knot

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