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"...For ancient kuzhebarans time was non linear, that's why it is impossible to ascertain with exactitude, where is the beginning and the ending of their culture. It can be, that it was coming to us from the future... Some relics of this early civilization belong to the Mesozoic and the Palaeosoic, although contemporary science supposes there was no human race then. This paradox is assignable to the fact, that ancient kuzhebarans were able to create their own tunnels of reality, live in different worlds, epoches and places... "
(Z.Puzdicustskuskst "Embryonal stages of development of the soul in the Ancient Kuzhebar' culture",
P. 14, Publishing House "Area of Thought", Ymambaba, 2001.)


пирограммы 1
"Heavenly Father "
(ritual pyrogram,
presumedly 3100 before E.D.)


Old Siberian tales say that long time ago near the Sayan-mountains there existed a civilisation which was the birth place of the present South Siberian ethnic groups. This early civilisation was given the name "Ancient Kuzhebar", because the first artefacts were found in the Siberian village Nizhny Kuzhebar (Krassnoyarsk region).


Till today there is an air of mystery about Ancient Kuzhebar. We hope, after you have read the fragments of the following interview with the competent Ancient Kuzhebar expert V.Nadishana (the dean of the Sound Microsurgery Department from Russia), you will have more questions than before.


- What means - "Kuzhebar"?
- One of the tales says, that the name comes from the word "kuzhebor" (- bor means forest in Russian),a mythological forest, where protoplants were growing . There are more versions, but now it is impossible to say, which s one is right, because ancient kuzhebarans were able to create alternative tunnels of reality and had the ability to exist in many times and places simultaneously. Speaking about the Ancient Kuzhebar culture as being very old, is simply a convention. It means only, that the first artefacts, which were found in the small Siberian village Nizhny Kuzhebar, belong to an ancient period of history.


"Egoism Hunting"
Nizhny Kuzhebar (sacral pyrogram, presumedly 3078 before E.D.)


- How did you extract all these objects?
-By digging and often using the method of "the energy dip". Each civilisation forms its distinct morpho-genetic field, in which it is possible to dip to get the information you need.


- You say, you are playing the Ancient Kuzhebar music, but they sure didn't have any plastic bottles or flexible pipes, you are using for playing music.
(the journalist means one of Nadishanas' instruments - the ghostcatcher, made from a flexible plastic pipe)
-We simply use the same principles as the ancient kuzhebarans. The flexible pipe illustrates one of the main principles: "who you are in your life, depends only on you - a flexible pipe or a ghost catcher". Ancient kuzhebarans used this principle to transform any object and themselves too. Any household article has the potential to be transformed into a music instrument. In the same way they could transform their own life. We don't only follow this culture but also develop it.


"Soul structure"
Nizhny Kuzhebar (ritual pyrogram, presumedly 3080 before E.D.)


- Could you explain us the basic principles of the Ancient Kuzhebar religion?

- The Ancient Kuzhebar culture was steeped in the use of the Laugh. In Ancient Kuzhebar Humour and the Laugh were considered to be the most serious spiritual and psychic-energetic practice. One of those practices was called "The Yoga of Laughter" . Unlike in our culture, in Ancient Kuzhebar the laughter was not the antithesis of seriousness, but it was the part of it. There was even a separate caste "the monks of Laughter".
The world of ghosts was well known in Ancient Kuzhebar, but ancient kuzhebarans didn't worship them like they do in other cultures. They considered them to be forces, representants of other dimensions with whom one could interact or ally. Man creates gods as gods creates man.

 графики психических функций
The world-picture of Ancient Kuzhebar aborigines
Cheremshanka (ritual graphic,
presumedly 3050 before E.D.)


- How people took death in Ancient Kuzhebar, like an absolute end or like a phase in a long string of incarnations?
-It depended on the way the person gave meaning to death. One prefers an absolute end, another takes a new body in body shop and some chose the deathless state. There were so called "Twenty Deathless'" in Kuzhebar as the result of the first genetic experiments of the Ancient Kuzhebar arch-father "Yagdyn Staroy". These creatures are still alive and we have just detected two of them. Ancient kuzhebarans could transform in their consciousness sex, death, all phenomena and objects, impart them any meaning they wanted, depending on their intent.

- How do these deathless creatures look like?
- They are able to transform their bodies and look like any creature, independent of their real age.

- Are there many people, who cultivate the Ancient Kuzhebar culture?


"Feminine gloom"
Nizhny Kuzhebar
(ritual pyrogram,
presumedly 3078 before E.D.)


- Not so many. May be we simply don't know all of them.


- Did ancient kuzhebarans have their own language and an alphabet?
-Their system of signs is different from modern alphabets. It looks more like complex three-dimensional hieroglyphs.


- Do you know the genesis of ancient kuzhebarans?
-In a sense they are ancestors of some races on the Earth. Their music is protoetnical. It combines traditions of indian, african, arabian and russian music. Because of the ability of ancient kuzhebarans to travel through time, it's difficult to say, if russian music descended from ancient kuzhebar music or vice versa.



Some deciphered inscriptions of Ancient Kuzhebarian time-travellers depict our contemporary world: "...In this world access to the tunnels of reality is totally controlled . Only one is accessible. Most people of this world are closed up forced in it from their childhood. Because their world is located in the negative spectrum of reality space, there are so few happy people".

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