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Melodic Steel Tongue Drum - RAV drum

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Soul Structure

Soul structure


This painting shows the structure of the soul in accordance with the world-picture of Ancient Kuzhebar, one of ancient ur-cultures, wich is almost forgotten now.

Ancient Kuzhebarian thought, that the structure of a human soul resembles the structure of a plant or an animal cell. It consits of spiritual vacuoles, mitochondria, spiritual ribosomes and a spiritual nucleus with a spiritual nucleolus.

"The soul is put in a solid capsule, which generally consists of dogmatic conceptions, because of them the soul-cell becomes its hard outside form. The main area of the soul cell take vacuoles. They contain a cell juice, wich consists of light substance with soluted in it information clots. Macuoles are vacuum areas, wich are competent for changes of a world picture. The biggest element of the soul is a spiritual nucleus. By people with a froozen world picture it stands near the capsule.{...} So each sructure element of the soul cell plays its unic role in life processes of the soul.

(Z. Puzdicustskuskst “Embryonal phases of the soul evolution in culture of Ancient Kuzhebar", “World Vision” publishing, Ymambaba, 2001).

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